Square Smoke E-Liquid Drops

There are boutique hotels, boutique wines, and now boutique e-liquid for electronic smokers. Square Smoke E-liquid drops offer high-quality juice for smokers of electronic cigs, e-hookahs, and vaporizers in several American-made flavors. In spite of their calling themselves makers of “boutique” e-liquid, Square Smoke pipe does not charge boutique prices.

Where to Buy

Square Smoke is available online, but you can also visit one of their retailers in person. You will also be met with a selection of hardware to go with the Square Smoke E-liquid drops. Purchase a starter kit with a rechargeable battery, USB charger, and 2 cartridges for $30 (watch for sale prices). Atomized cartridge re-loads are available in packets of 5 for $30 regular price but also available at half price if your timing is right for discounts. Replacement batteries are priced at about $8.

More about Square Smoke

Become a Square Smoke affiliate to make money out of your preference for electronic cigarettes. Sign up for online newsletters telling you more about Square Smoke products and what’s going on in the industry.

Also, go to Square Smoke to find Starbuzz E-Hookah hoses. A kit features a battery, adaptor, two flavor cartridges and more. Purchase Starbuzz e-cigarettes, Square Smoke 82 e-cigs, and True Vape. True Vape is a red, black, or blue tube oven with a long or short tube. Fill it with loose or rolled leaves and it cleans easily.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of a product, Square Smoke provides customers with a 100% money back guarantee.