Electronic Hookah

Introducing The Starbuzz E-Hose Electronic Handheld Hookah, the world’s first hookah in vaporized form. This revolutionary product, created by the makers of Square Electronic Cigarettes, gives hookah lovers the wonderful experience of smoking a hookah without the mess of sticky shisha, dirty water, and burning hot coals. Measuring in at 1 foot in length, the E-Hose looks, feels, and smokes exactly like a traditional Egyptian hookah, but only consists of a sleek hand & mouthpiece. Without the bulky, water-filled hookah and long, cumbersome hoses, the E-Hose is perfect for smoking your favorite Starbuzz shisha flavor on the go. Whether you are going to a party, a nightclub, or even in your car, the E-Hose is extremely portable and perfect for hookah enthusiasts who want a convenient way to smoke! The Starbuzz E-Hose Electronic Handheld Hookah produces an authentic hookah smoking experience, whereas other imitation “E-Hookahs” on the market do not! The difference between the E-Hose and its imitators lies in the quality of the smoking process. Although the E-Hose is actually vaporizing flavored nicotine liquid, it allows you to inhale and exhale 1500 huge puffs of vapor “smoke.”