Energy Shisha

In a world where we are increasingly busy, increasingly pushed for time and increasingly in need of a pick me up or energy boost at various points throughout the day, Energy Shisha is an innovative product which delivers an excellent caffeine hit just when you need it.energyshisha3

They work in a very similar way to the electronic cigarette, producing a caffeine-infused water vapour which the user inhales. However they do not contain any nicotine (and obviously no tobacco) and so are not an e-cig. By inhaling the caffeine instead of consuming it in a liquid you need much lower amounts of caffeine to have the same effect as an energy drink. The caffeine is absorbed through the lungs and sent directly to the brain, so it doesn’t pass through the liver and therefore the metabolization process does not begin and the caffeine is more effective. Because of this, the 0.3% caffeine in one E Shisha Stick has the equivalent effect of 15 energy drinks – all for just £6.99

The energy hit is strong too. We followed the instructions on the packet (no more than five 3 second puffs in succession) and a few minutes later felt a definite caffeine buzz and was far more alert – which is exactly what you want from this product!

It’s also a good looking piece of kit. The crystal tip lights up when you are inhaling and looks pretty sharp, and the subtle dark purple tubing has a classy look.

energyshishaOverall we loved this product. It gives a great energy boost and is very convenient to carry with you. It saves time, money, and you can top up your energy literally anywhere and any time you need to